The Players - David Weiss

Arthur Weiss

aka: Dad, Marco Polo, The WeissFest Dictator
Loves: Seinfeld
Hates: Watching one channel at a time

Erica Weiss

aka: Mom, Chava Nagila , Pickle Lips
Loves: Teaching, Hawks
Hates: Teaching, Meat

David Weiss

aka: Donatello Ninja Tartaruga, re-Todd
Loves: The New York Rangers, Fat Bulldogs
Hates: The Islanders, Devils, Penguins, Philthy

Minyan Weiss

aka: Inghiottire Poco, Yangtze Doodle Dandy, Yan Yan, Qin Qin, Ada
Loves: Watermelon
Hates: Pistachio pudding, Bulldogs

Scott Weiss

aka: Scungilli Russo, Pigu Toe
Loves: The New York Rangers, Seinfeld, the fart app
Hates: The Atlantic Division minus the Rangers

Juliet Weiss

aka: Baby J, Chewbacca, bao bei, boba, Tian Tian, Zahava Leah
Loves: Breast Milks, Her Butterfly Toy
Hates: Gas, Pooping, 4pm-8pm
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